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We recommend Best Foods to Eat this Summer to Stay Healthy

by NSTAY Date- 15 Apr 2024 views - 1910

Well who doesn’t wants a healthy, vibrant, glowing skin? Who doesn’t makes routine to eat healthy, stay fit and all that extra fat. Our daily hectic routine and bad dedication breaks all our daily-care mantras.


To save your summer health, here are some diet essentials you may follow to make 2019 the “healthy me” year for you-

Avocados are the bros’:


Eating Avocados is the best advice one can get. They are so rich in everything. Besides being tasty and tongue-friendly, Avocados are healthy, they include vitamin K, E, B 6, C, and are affordable plus easy to carry along. They even boost your immunity system preventing you from fatigue, a bright summer day gives you. Avocados are so summer-friendly that they can replace apples in ‘An apple a day! And make it “Avocados makes you slay”.

Coconut Water:


Ah!! Summers with cool drinks along. Isn’t that too satisfying? Coconut water is the only drink that has more nutrients than the fruit it is extracted from. Coconut water is so good for your liver as if it’s the soulmate. Coconut water has electrolytes which make it the best hydrating agent for summer season. Being an excellent cooling drink, it also helps in reducing blood pressure level,and is enriched with anti-ageing properties.

Bitter Gourd:


Everyone is so confused when it comes to cooked veggies. What to have, what not to. And when kitchen smells like “bitter gourd” often many of us run away. But there’s no better veggie than bitter gourd. It is like benefits over benefits.It acts effective when facing boils, rashes, fungal infections etc. which are usually common in summer.



How effective an anti-dote can be to a drug? Same is with curd. Curd is as effective as an antidote to the bad metabolism. It also has a great probiotic property that makes it vital for managing your digestive system. Here are the ways you can enjoy curd in summers-

Add strawberries to your curd and enjoy the amazing taste. Or you can add mango slices that will just make your day.

Green Leafy Vegetables:


We are debating over this since childhood. Even our nursery class books always mentioned eating green and leafy veggies to improve eyesight, digestive system, hormonal balance etc. And eating dark green vegetables is like a resistor to odds in summers. Green vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, etc are our mates for high vitamins and effective nutrients.

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